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  • What is Scolia?

    Scolia is an innovative automatic scorekeeping solution for steel-tip darts. Besides scorekeeping, Scolia registers the location of each throw with millimeter accuracy in order to provide coordinate-based statistics to the players.Bla hggg jzk Scolia is an innovative automatic lorem ipsum ....

    Scolia is an innovative automatic scorekeeping solution for steel-tip darts. Besides scorekeeping, Scolia registers the location of each throw with millimeter accuracy in order to provide coordinate-based statistics to the players.

  • How does it work?

    Scolia uses a sophisticated image processing algorithm to identify the locations of the thrown darts real time. The system consists of a frame and a processing unit, both of which have to be mounted on the wall, around the dartboard. The frame holds three cameras and a LED strip, which provide a very bright, evenly distributed illumination on the dartboard. The cameras are connected to the processing unit by USB cables. Whenever a dart hits the board, the processing unit calculates the position of the dart along with its corresponding score.

  • Do I need special dartboard or special darts set to use it?

    Absolutely not. Scolia is compatible with the products of all the major dartboard manufacturers. For better accuracy, however, it is recommended to avoid dark-coloured barrels, shafts and flights.

  • How accurate is it?

    There are many variables that affect the accuracy of the system. Most importantly, the expertise of the players substantially influence the obtained precision. It is much harder for the system to identify tightly grouped darts the very skilled players tend to throw. Nevertheless, in case of competitive players, Scolia can consistently achieve accuracy rates well above 99%, while in case of hobby players this figure can easily go as high as 99.9%.

  • Where can I buy it?

    The only way you can buy Scolia is through our webstore:

  • Where can I try it?

    The map of publicly available Scolia boards can be found on the following link:

  • Why Scolia?

    The name Scolia stands for the three main functionalities the system provides: scorekeeping, lighting, analytics.

  • Do you ship overseas?

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  • I am a business, do I have to pay VAT?

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  • What do I need for setting it up?

    You need a solid, flat surface around the the dartboard of at least 1.4 metres in width and 1 metre in height. In addition to that, for the seamless operation you also need power connector and LAN connector nearby to connect Scolia to the network. For detailed instructions, read our step-to-step guide, or watch our assembly video.

  • Is cabled internet connection necessary?

    Yes, the Scolia processing unit requires wired internet connection to operate. If taking a LAN cable to your dartboard is problematic, we highly recommend using a powerline adapter. Using these adapters, you can easily provide high-speed cabled internet connection to your Scolia system without drilling through the walls or ceilings at your place. This article gives you a great summary if you are new to powerline networking. You can find a list of the most popular powerline adapters here.

    Please note, that you can use wireless internet connection for your client device. However, depending on the quality of your wireless access network, you can witness large variance in response times. Therefore, for the best user experience, we recommend using wired connection for the client device as well. For instance, you can open the Scolia web application on your PC and redirect its screen to a TV near the dartboard.

  • How can I connect to Scolia?

    The user interface of Scolia runs in the browser. It means you can connect to the Scolia system using any smartphone, tablet or PC with Internet access. Visit, enter the 6-character Board Code you see on the display and play! It is as simple as that.

  • Do I have to register if I want to play?

    You can play on Scolia without registration by playing a Guest Game. However, if you want to have access to the full functionality of the system, you have to register. This way, you can browse the history of your games, check your statistics and try out different types of games, too. Registration is quick and easy, especially with our social login functionalities: use your Facebook or Google account to sign up within a few seconds! Visit, register, and enjoy the full functionality of the system!

  • Do I have to calibrate the system manually?

    Scolia carries out the whole calibration process by its own, without any manual support. Note, that the calibration process requires the board to be clear so that the cameras can scan the entire area of the board.

  • Can I manually overwrite the wrong scores?

    Yes. If you tap on the tile of the wrong score, a Score Correction interface appears on which you can freely change the sector of the given throw. You can also add or remove throws if the detection algorithm of Scolia made a mistake. Note, that only the “Game Master” is allowed to change scores. The “Game Master” is the user who started the game. If for some reason this user is no longer online, the “Game Master” token is given to another user who is connected to the board. This way, it is always possible to overwrite the scores if needed. Score Correction is available only for the last visit of each player.

  • Do I have to press any buttons after my visit?

    No. Unlike most darts machines, Scolia automatically detects the takeout events as well. This way, it knows exactly when the visit of a player has ended, so switching from one player to the next one happens automatically.

  • How does Scolia handle bounce-outs?

    In order to ensure robustness against external noise coming from various sources (ambient lights, moving objects, etc.), Scolia detects bounce-outs indirectly. At the end of the visit, Scolia can figure out if one or two bounce-out throws happened, and it adds “None” throws automatically to the missing places. This way, there is no need to manually register the bounce-outs, Scolia does it automatically for you. In the extremely rare case of throwing three consecutive bounce-outs, just press the top button on the processing unit.

  • Can I leave or abort the game?

    You can leave the game at any point. If you are the Game Master of the running game, you are also allowed to abort the game. Be aware, that if you abort the game, all the clients who are connected to the board will be redirected to the game statistics page.

  • What are those buttons on the processing unit?

    Normally, you do not have to interact with the processing unit. However, in some rare cases you might have to use the three buttons under the display.

    1. The top button (“Takeout finished”) forces the processing unit to change its state from “Takeout” to “Throw”, effectively finishing the visit of the current player.

    2. The middle button (“Calibrate”) should be used in cases when someone moved or replaced the dartboard while Scolia was turned on. This recalibration process takes around 10 seconds. Make sure the dartboard is clear during this period.

    3. The bottom button (“Manual throw”) should be used when Scolia failed to detect your latest throw. When you press the button, Scolia takes a snapshot of the dartboard and evaluates it. Note, that you can also add this throw manually on the user interface. Choose the option which is more convenient for you.

  • There is no Board Code after startup, the display status is CONNECTING. What should I do?

    Make sure all the USB cables are connected to the processing unit. If you have not register your product yet, visit, log in, and add your product on the My boards page using the serial number you can find on the processing unit [image]. Once your product is registered, restart the system.

  • The display status is CALIB ERROR. What should I do?

    The environment of the dartboard must be clear on startup. The automatic calibration process fails to execute if one or more objects partially or fully cover the segments of the dartboard. Once you removed every objects that can potentially block the view of the cameras, restart the system. The owner of the Scolia system can monitor the camera images on the My boards scene of the web application. [screenshot]

  • Can I check the images of the cameras?

    Yes, you can! Visit, log in, go to your My boards page, and pick the Scolia system you are interested in. If your Scolia system is online, you can see the still images of the cameras. You can refresh the images at any point by pressing the refresh button in the top right corner.

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