VONETS Mini Router


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Wifi adapter for wireless connection to your Scolia.


VONETS Mini Wifi Adapter


We highly recommend using a LAN cable to connect your Scolia unit to your router, as it offers the best and most stable connection. However, certain situations may make it impractical or impossible to use a LAN cable – the VONETS Mini Wifi Adapter is a quick and clean solution for these cases.
Please keep in mind that the basic requirement for the Mini Wifi Adapter is a stable, strong WiFi network available in your room.


The setup of the VONETS Mini Router is quick and easy. 

1. Connect the Mini Wifi Adapter to the power supply

You can easily do this by connecting its USB cable to the fourth USB port on your Scolia processing unit (the charging port in case you have a Pro system).
Wait for the system to boot up. As soon as the second blue LED starts blinking fast, the device is ready and you can start configuring it. 


2. Login to the Mini Wifi Adapter’s interface

Open the WiFi settings of your tablet/phone and join the VONETS WiFi connection. The default password is 12345678. Open your Internet browser and enter the IP address

Log in to the interface of the router.
Enter the default username: admin
password: admin


3. Configure the Mini Wifi Adapter

In the menu, select Wizard. You want to use the Mini Wifi Adapter as a WiFi bridge for your Scolia, so select the WiFi Bridge operation mode.


In the Wifi Hotspots menu, wait until the device searches for all available WiFi networks. Choose the SSID of your own WiFi network and enter its password. Tap on the Apply button.

The data has now been transferred to the router. Now reboot the Mini Wifi Adapter with the Reboot button below. This will change its operating mode from Router to WiFi Bridge. If you see the green LED on the Mini Wifi Adapter, it means it has restarted in WiFi Bridge operating mode. Access to the adapter via the browser is no longer possible now, so you can close the browser, even if you still see the “Please wait…” alert window. 

4. Connect the Mini Wifi Adapter’s LAN cable to the Scolia processing unit

When the VONETS Mini Wifi Adapter has found a WiFi network, you will see the fast blinking blue LED again and now the configuration of the mini-router is complete. Connect it to the Scolia processing unit with the LAN cable too. The USB cable supplies the router with power and the Mini Wifi Adapter provides internet for the Scolia processing unit via the LAN cable – your system is ready to use now.

+ 1. Reset
If you have not done the configuration correctly and couldn’t join your WiFi network, you can repeat the process. Press and hold the
Reset button on the Mini Wifi Adapter’s side for 5 seconds. The device will restart and the default configuration settings will be restored. Repeat the steps above until you are able to join your network.

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