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With fully automatized scorekeeping, Scolia provides a unique, convenient darting experience to the recreational and competitive players as well.


The evenly distributed light ensures that all segments on the dartboard are clearly visible, which promotes more accurate aiming for the players.


With the high precision localization of the throws, generating heatmaps and calculating coordinate-based statistics becomes possible.

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What an amazing piece of kit! Not only does the counting for you, it keeps your concentration level 100%. It is definitely on my Christmas present list. A must machine for every level darter from novice to professional. 5 stars from me!
Dean Winstanley

Dean Winstanley

We played on a Scolia system all last night non-stop. Not one single mistake was made at all, all night long. It is very very accurate, it is very good. I have never seen anything like it! What a system!
Neil Birkin

Neil Birkin

An amazing piece of technology!
Ross Montgomery

Ross Montgomery

The Scolia System


The Setup

The Scolia product consists of two main physical components: the frame and the processing unit. Besides holding the cameras in place, the frame also provides a bright, evenly distributed illumination on the dartboard. The processing unit calculates the score of each throw real time using the images of the cameras on the frame.

  • 360° LED Lighting
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Accurate Scorekeeping
  • USB Charging Point
  • Easy to Install
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

The Scolia Application

The platform-independent web application allows you to connect to your Scolia setup with any smart device. Use your smartphone, tablet or PC to enjoy the wide range of features of Scolia!

  • Various Types of Games
  • Play Against Computer
  • Game History
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Free Software Updates
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Scolia Map

Find the nearest place where
you can try the Scolia system

Scolia map

Scolia Map

Find the nearest place where you can try the Scolia system


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